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In the near future, you have a plan for a relaxing trip to Tay Ninh, but you do not know what is beautiful and attractive in Tay Ninh. Below is the experience Saco Travel has compiled to share information and promote a beautiful, wild, hospitable with countless interesting things. Let’s find out with us!



How to get to Tay Ninh?

Visitors can choose one of three ways:


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Going by bus

If you choose a bus, you can take bus number 703 on the Ben Thanh – Moc Bai route. Continue to No. 05 Moc Bai route to move to the city center. The cost per person is about 40,000 – 50,000 VND.


Going by motorbike or car

Traveling by private vehicle, motorbike or car, from An Suong bus station, you can move along Highway 22A to Trang Bang junction and then turn left.


After reaching the junction of Go Dau town, turn right along Highway 22B, continue running for another 60 km to the roundabout of city center.


Just keep following this road, you will have the opportunity to admire the green fields and Vam Co Dong River. The most beautiful time is at sunset when passing the section of Go Dau – Hoa Thanh.


Cao Dai Holy See - Tay Ninh

Cao Dai Holy See – Tay Ninh


The time of year should go


Tay Ninh weather is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season lasts from December to April next year, the rest of the rainy season. Therefore, the most suitable time to travel to Tay Ninh is the dry season. However, you should cover and apply sunscreen carefully because Tay Ninh’s sun is very strong and has a lot of UV rays.


Especially, if you travel on the full moon of January, or the full moon of the 8th lunar month, you will have the opportunity to participate in many very special festivals that you will certainly never see anywhere. Because Tay Ninh has Cao Dai religion.


Tay Ninh tourist spot


Although Tay Ninh is an arid land, there is no shortage of attractive attractions. A spiritual destination is suitable for tourists who love pilgrimages or other famous scenic spots.


Ba Den Mountain


Dubbed the “Roof of the Southeast” – Ba Den Mountain has a height of up to 986m and is only about 3 hours from Saigon by motorbike.


Ba Den Mountain - Tay Ninh

Ba Den Mountain – Tay Ninh


About 100km from Saigon, Ba Den Mountain is located in the northeast of TN city, belonging to the cultural and historical relic complex of Ba Den Mountain. Besides the impressive 986m altitude, the highest in the Southeast, this place is also extremely attractive by the natural landscape, majestic mountains, and countless folk tales dating back hundreds of years. Ba Den Mountain owns a modern cable car that takes us to the top. Especially recognized as “the largest cable car station in the world.” There is now a cable car to the top of the mountain, so it only costs 200k / person/round trip ticket up and down the cable and entrance ticket to experience this.


Ba Temple


Ba Den Temple is sometimes hidden under the floating clouds and in the morning dew, sometimes it stands out among the clear blue sky. It is a sacred place many people come to pray for peace and peace for their families.


Ba Temple - Tay Ninh

Ba Temple – Tay Ninh


Ba Den Pagoda, also known as Linh Son Tien Thach Pagoda (Ba Den Pagoda, Buddha Pagoda, Thuong Pagoda) is located at an altitude of 350m in the middle of Ba Den Mountain. This temple was formed in 1745 and built-in 1763 and underwent many restorations, the most recent time was inaugurated in 1997. This is the oldest temple in Tay Ninh and has harmonious architecture with many features typical beauty of Vietnamese temple architecture.


Tay Ninh Holy See


Tay Ninh Holy See is also a familiar check-in place for many young people. Right from the outside, you will be attracted at first sight by the extremely unique architectural style, filled with different colors. The special thing about this tourist destination in Tay Ninh is probably that this place owns up to 100 large and small works inside and all the works here are built of bamboo-reinforced concrete.



Ma Thien Lanh tourist area


Ma Thien Lanh valley attracts a large number of tourists, especially young people when it is called “Da Lat of the Southeast” and “roof of the South”. Not only the wild and dreamy beauty, but this place is also mixed with mystery, making people look forward to discovering more.



Ma Thien Lanh is located in the middle of three majestic mountains of Tay Ninh, namely Ba Den Mountain, Heo Mountain and Phung Mountain, that’s why this place possesses a wild but equally magnificent beauty.


What to wear to Tay Ninh?


When traveling to Tay Ninh, visitors should wear lightweight clothes, simple exercise, a coat, a hat with sunscreen, anti-mosquito and insect repellent, and stomach pain medicine to prevent any force majeure events that may happen.


Make sure you don’t forget to wear sneakers or flat shoes for easy climbing. Of course, don’t forget to bring needles, threads, buttons, bandages, etc., just in case.


In addition, if you intend to have a picnic or spend the night on Ba Den Mountain, remember to bring tents, warm clothes, food, drinks, ….


What to eat in Tay Ninh?


Trang Bang Soup Cake


Going to Tay Ninh without eating Trang Bang soup cake is definitely a huge omission. This is a rustic breakfast dish, full of hometown love and also the pride of the people here. The right bowl of soup is the harmony between color – flavor – taste. The noodles are white, soft, and flexible, mixed with the clear broth, the sweetness of the bones, with the addition of freshly cooked pork pieces.



Trang Bang rice paper


Trang Bang rice paper rolls with pork are also a “vedette” that contributes to the famous culinary brand throughout Vietnam. Trang Bang rice paper consists of only rice paper, boiled pork, vegetables, vermicelli, dipping sauce and accompanying fruit and tubers, a very rustic dish that reflects the true taste of Southern cuisine.



Nam Sanh heifer


Nam Sanh heifer is a specialty not to be missed when you visit Tay Ninh. The main ingredients of this dish are heifers (young cows) with meat fibers that are not greasy, low in fat, have high nutritional value and are especially good for health.



After finishing your trip, you can buy some famous specialties such as shrimp salt, chili salt, dew-dried rice paper, salted rice paper, tamarind rice paper, sticky rice paper, flexible rice paper … Wish you have a nice trip!


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