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The heat makes people uncomfortable and just want to put all work aside, go to the sea to relieve pressure, immerse in the clear, salty, passionate water in a rich and interesting natural setting with activities and games on the fine sand. And Quy Nhon beach tourism is a right choice for the summer, you can create the most memorable and impressive moments with your family and friends.



Where is Quy Nhon?


Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is located in the South Central Coast region, located along and adjacent to the East Sea with famous tourist areas and rich marine resources.


Quy Nhon Beach is located in the heart of the city with a variety of entertainment and culinary areas with outstanding features of the region. Quy Nhon city is about 1,065km north of Hanoi and 649km south of Ho Chi Minh City.


How to get to Quy Nhon?


You can get to Quy Nhon by many different means because Quy Nhon’s traffic is increasingly developed. Located in the extended National Highway 1A with a comfortable and modern bus system.


You can also get to Quy Nhon by train or plane, and the city’s mobile car system is always ready to welcome you at any time.


Explore Quy Nhon beach


Coming to Quy Nhon Beach City, you will feel immediately refreshed with the salty winds of the sea and fresh air thanks to the large green parks running along the coast.


With a large sandy beach, this place is often the perfect place for big games and especially team building of companies.


Explore Quy Nhon beach

Explore Quy Nhon beach


Although in the summer, Quy Nhon’s sunshine is quite intense, but around 4 to 5 pm the sun begins to fall and the cool sea breezes blow, it is time for Quy Nhon’s children, tourists to flock to the sea, to soak in the sea. cool blue water and enjoy the gentle waves.


Quy Nhon city is embraced by a long and wide coastline with vivid natural scenery.


Standing right on the coast, you can see the high hills and small islands peeking out in the distance against the blue background of the sea and sky.


The beach is surrounded by a large green park with rows of stone benches, an ideal dating place for couples and friends with familiar gossip and feeling the peaceful feeling of the wind through their hair.


What does Quy Nhon have?


The first place should not miss is Eo Gio!


Dubbed the Vietnamese version of Jeju because of the poetic beauty of the blue sea and undulating rocky mountains. 20 km from the center of Quy Nhon city, in the center of Nhon Ly commune, running along Highway 19B, Eo Gio appears in front of your eyes with rows of casuarinas and stretching rocky beaches.


What does Quy Nhon have?

What does Quy Nhon have?


Ky Co – Nhon Ly’s “first paradise”


The name Eo Gio originates from the geographical shape of this area, standing from the surrounding cliffs, looking down, you will see a small strait covered by mountains like an embrace embracing the beautiful beach in Vietnam.


Located about 25km from Quy Nhon city, Ky Co beach in Nhon Ly island commune has a wild beauty that few people know about. This is considered the “first paradise” of Nhon Ly because Ky Co beach is a beach. horizontal, with an area of more than 1km² with a shallow, calm coastline.


Ky Co - Nhon Ly's "first paradise" Quy Nhon Beach

Ky Co – Nhon Ly’s “first paradise” Quy Nhon Beach


Ky Co is a rhythmic combination of clear blue sea water, pristine golden sand and majestic mountains.


Hon Kho


Located about 16 km from Quy Nhon, Hon Kho Island is like a giant screen covering the fishing village of Nhon Hai.


Hon Kho Island has a unique landscape with rocky outcrops protruding into the sea, smooth sand beaches, lush green lawns and fresh water from the cliffs. Hon Kho is really one of the few beautiful beaches but still retains the wild nature of nature.


Quy Nhon Beach - Hon Kho

Quy Nhon Beach – Hon Kho


Cu Lao Xanh


Cu Lao Xanh, also known as Nhon Chau island commune, is an invaluable gift that nature bestows upon humans, just over 20 km from Quy Nhon.


When traveling here, do not forget to immerse yourself in the life of the people on the sea. Peoples life is simple but contains many cultural beauty.



Trung Luong picnic area


About 30km from Quy Nhon city, located in the east of DT 639 road in Trung Luong village, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district. Trung Luong is one of the beaches that is quite familiar to people as well as tourists coming to Binh Dinh. From Quy Nhon, visitors follow the road of Nhon Hoi bridge to come to this romantic beach.


Because this is a land that is still unspoiled and quiet, camping will be an extremely wise choice so that you can feel all the best things here.



Twin towers


Twin Towers in Quy Nhon is also known as Hung Thanh Twin Towers, a beautiful and unique work of ancient Champa architectural art, located in the heart of Quy Nhon city, very convenient for tourists to visit and find.


Both towers are not the traditional multi-storey square towers of Champa, but are structured into two main parts: the square body block and the curved top of the pyramid. Therefore, at first glance, this tower is thought of as having the shape of a temple of the Khmer people in the Anglican period in the 12th century.


Visitors coming here can pray, prove the love of the couple, Pray for wisdom as bright as Sao Khue and abundant health as the longevity of God Shiva. And also an ideal place to pose, Selfie,…with Apsara dance,…



Ghenh Rang


With a fresh climate and charming scenery, this place was once chosen by King Bao Dai as a vacation place since 1927.


At the foot of Ghenh Rang is a unique beach with countless pebbles sanded by the waves, dedicated to Queen Nam Phuong, so it is also known as Hoang Hau beach. From the hillside, you can see the entire East of Quy Nhon city like a watercolor painting. The address of Ghenh Rang tourist area is at 3 Han Mac Tu street.



Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang


Phuong Mai Sand Dunes


About 20km from Quy Nhon city center, located right on Nhon Ly beach, Phuong Mai sand hill in Nhon Ly commune, where this is an interesting tourist destination in the potential development stage but few people know.


Walking on the sand dunes with an altitude of 100 m above sea level, visitors have a panoramic view of the nature here. At this height, visitors are spoiled for watching the sand slopes with winding sand grains stretching for kilometers, the new poplar forests are green, the cool breeze from the sea creates a feeling of comfort.


Phuong Mai Sand Dunes


Not too busy like Da Nang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon has its own beauty of the sea, sun and wind. You will want to find something new, a land that sounds more wild. Then Quy Nhon will definitely be a better choice.


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