Qui Nhon

Nestled along the coast halfway between Nha Trang and Hoi An, Qui Nhon is in the midst of a government-planned, tourist-targeted revival. The main beach is one of the cleanest city beaches in Vietnam, hardly developed and well maintained. A boardwalk shrouded in greenery runs parallel to the ocean. Most tourists visiting the region also head 10km (6mi) south of the city to Bai Xep beach, which has become famous throughout Vietnam for its natural beauty.


Quy Nhon is a coastal city in the South-Central Coast, which is the center of economy, politics, culture, science-technology, and most of all tourism in Binh Dinh province, Viet Nam. Quy Nhon used to belong to Champa so there are still historical sites of Cham around this city. With the non-stop development, Quy Nhon has been recognized by the prime minister as the urban-type 1 in 2010. Quy Nhon is also voted as the top tourist attraction in Southeast Asia in 2015 and entered the top 20 destinations in the world.

Top attractions

When traveling to Quy Nhon, these are the top beautiful destinations that you must go to if you want to witness nature’s masterpiece.

  • Eo Gio: surrounded by the magnificent bow-shaped mountains. Come to Eo Gio to sense the cool wind blowing through your hair, spectate the beauty of grassland and sea together.
  • Ky co: the most iconic beach you have ever seen in the world is bow-shaped and you can see the bottom of the sea.
  • Phuong Mai Sandhill: feel the sand slide through your feet, enjoy the soft and golden sand grains beneath the sun.
  • Zoo Safari Park: explore the wildlife with more than 1000 species such as bear, ostrich, camel, deer, black swan, etc. 

Recommended foods

If you are a food lover, these are the specialty you have to “try once in your life”

  • Bun Ca is the local brand of food in Quy Nhon with noodles, grilled chopped fish, and a special soup, followed by some side vegetables.
  • Cha Ram Tom Dat: is associated with the people in Quy Nhon. This dish is made from shrimp, bacon, and rice paper.
  • Banh Beo: the iconic food in Quy Nhon made from flour, crunchy bread, peanut, and dried shrimp. 

Travel Tips

Travel to Quy Nhon is based on beach activities so it will be related to weather. The suitable time to go to Quy Nhon is from May to July. However, the best time to travel to Quy Nhon is in March and April because the atmosphere is really great. I suggest you shouldn’t travel to Quy Nhon by airplane because the airport is too far from the city center. Instead, try to go to Quy Nhon by coach or by train. For the souvenir, you should buy “Banh it la gai”, grilled chopped fish, sour meatballs, for your family and friends.


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