Ben Tre


Ben Tre is an area formed by alluvial deposits of the Mekong River. This was originally a desolate land and was then explored by people from the North and the Central region. 

Administratively, Ben Tre from a territory of Vinh Long province, after January 1, 1900, was recognized as Ben Tre province. Ben Tre is formed by three large islands: Bao islet, Minh Island and An Hoa islet, divided by four big rivers, namely Tien, Ba Lai, Ham Luong, and Co Chien. As a province with many rivers and canals, Ben Tre has favorable conditions to develop green tourism, because it still retains the pristine features of the garden, the ecological environment is fresh, in the green color of the gardens, coconut trees, and large orchar.

Top attractions

Quy islets Water Ecotourism

Address: Tan Thach and Quoi Son communes, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province, Vietnam.

Located along the Tien River and 23km from Ben Tre city center is Quy islets. This is one of the most famous destinations when it comes to Ben Tre because of the charming river space and sweet Southern folk tunes. In addition, visitors can also enjoy delicious fruits right in the longan gardens, orange gardens, pomelo gardens, … drink a cup of honey tea with the smoke rising gently and enjoy the tune of Don Ca Tai Tu which has been recognized by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Phung islets

Voted as a typical tourist area in the Mekong Delta, Phung islets is designed in an open architecture style and immersed in nature. Phung islets is like a green oasis floating on the Tien River, but here you will discover the rustic garden life of the people here.

In addition, you can also experience the fun of fishing, catching fish in a ditch, rowing a boat, bathing in the river, riding a horse-drawn carriage, visiting fruit gardens and admiring the rustic charm of four islets land. In addition, Phung islets also owns the Dao Dua relic area about 1,500 m² wide, which is also a place that many tourists come to visit.

Nguyen Dinh Chieu’s tomb area

The tomb of Nguyen Dinh Chieu is located in An Duc commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. The resting place of the patriotic son was built quite majestically to show the respect that the people of Ben Tre have for the great poet, patriot and respected physician of our nation.

At this place, on July 1 every year, there will be a traditional festival to commemorate Nguyen Dinh Chieu. The people of Ben Tre are even more proud when the mausoleum has been awarded the Special National Monument Ranking this year.

During the festival season, you will be able to participate in many fun activities such as Luc Van Tien – Kieu Nguyet Nga costume, the festival of rice trays on the anniversary of the death anniversary, raspberry festival, chess competition, stick push, tug of war, etc. sack jump….

Recommended foods

Ben Tre coconut candy 

Ben Tre coconut candy is known as a candy produced from 2 main ingredients: sugar and copra. This is also one of the famous traditional crafts in the country. Ben Tre coconut candy originated in Mo Cay district.

My Long rice papers

Coming to Ben Tre, if you have not enjoyed the My Long rice paper, you have not fully experienced the cuisine in this vast coconut land. From rice flour and coconut milk, white sesame, sugar and some other ingredients, the people of My Long have created delicious rice paper with many different flavors. My Long rice paper when eaten cooked, crunchy in the mouth, when holding the rice paper in hand to enjoy the sweetness of coconut, the fat of fragrant sticky rice with sesame, milk will make you remember forever

Travel tips

Going to Ben Tre in June, August: This is the time when fruit orchards in the West have the most fruit, including Ben Tre. This land is famous for its fruit orchards, which probably everyone loves, just want to visit the orchards once to enjoy rambutan, mangosteen, longan and especially. is durian, in Cho Lach and Chau Thanh districts.

+ About carry-on luggage: On the trip to Ben Tre, it is usually not necessary to bring too many things. Because it is mainly an experience, there are few virtual living places or beaches. The weather here is quite cool, you should only bring enough for the intended days here. Dress as comfortably as possible.

+ About the accompanying accessories: In addition to clothes, you also need shoes. Should choose sneakers or low-heeled sandals for easy walking. In addition, you also need a hat and hat to shield yourself from the sun.

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